Fonterra Dairy Day

SRI LANKA, 1 JUNE 2015: Every hour of everyday people around the world are enjoying enough dairy nutrition to fill more than 177 million glasses of milk – with 135,000 of these being consumed in Sri Lanka. Today, these glasses will be raised in recognition of the 15th annual World Milk Day.

Leon Clement - Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Sri LankaManaging Director of Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Leon Clement said milk is playing an increasingly important role in the diets of Sri Lankans. He said that local lifestyle and diet trends are driving this growth.

“Increasingly, sophisticated consumers are looking for convenient, nutritious, tasty options for themselves and their families, and dairy – which contains many essential vitamins and nutrients – is fast becoming the popular choice.”

Mr Clement added that while consumption is on the rise, there’s still plenty of room for growth.

“Although we are seeing per capita consumption growth, Sri Lankans are still only consuming about half a serving of dairy each day, which is below the Ministry of Health’s recommended one to two servings per day,” he said.

Associate Director – Regulatory and Scientific Affairs of Fonterra Brands Lanka, Dr. Sanath Mahawithanage said milk is a good source of nutrition and plays an important role in a balanced diet.

“Milk is rich in Calcium and 2 glasses of milk a day contributes over 50 per cent of a growing child’s daily calcium need. It is also a source of good quality proteins and contains appreciable amounts of many B vitamins. Milk provides a healthy dose of a range of Vitamins and Minerals, including Vitamin A. With so much nutrition packed into one glass, it can play a big role in helping people achieve their daily nutritional intake by improving the quality of their diets,” he said.

Dr. Mahawithanage added that more awareness of the benefits of dairy nutrition is needed.

“Dairy consumption in Sri Lanka tends to go down as children enter their teenage years. Dairy can play a big role in maintaining bone health, supporting mobility and overall physical wellness, no matter what your age. It’s therefore important that people understand these benefits and are encouraged to incorporate dairy into their daily diets,” he said.

With more than 35 years in Sri Lanka, Fonterra is focused on unlocking and bringing the nutritional potential of milk to complement the changing needs of Sri Lanka’s growing population.

“We’re committed to making sure Sri Lankans are getting high quality dairy nutrition, and our network of over 4,000 Sri Lankan farmers are an integral part of helping us to achieve this. The goodness of dairy and its nutritional value cannot be underestimated and it’s great that we can recognise and reiterate its many benefits on World Milk Day,” said Mr Clement.

As part of Fonterra’s World Milk Day celebrations, the company organised its first-ever “Dairy Day” experience. Consumers can find out more on how to be a part of this special initiative by visiting the Anchor Facebook page.

Fonterra Dairy Day – Milk Journey