We believe that for the local dairy industry to develop, we must support not only the livelihoods of farming families, but also the dairy communities around them.

The Fonterra Grass Roots Fund reflects Fonterra’s commitment towards the sustainability of our dairy communities. We continually seek to assist our farmers and their dairy communities located in economically disadvantaged areas of Sri Lanka.

These are sustainable solutions that deliver meaningful change in the communities we target – leaving a long term and positive impact on our dairy communities.

Since the programme’s inception in late 2014, we have touched the lives of 50,000 children, teachers and other members of these communities through water, sanitation and infrastructure development projects.

In 2014 Fonterra began to work with the Kansarmen Foundation to provide dairy communities access to water. As partners, we improve water and sanitation in our communities together in schools and reduce the prevalence of water related diseases in our communities, through engaging with the local health authorities.

In 2015 Fonterra and Sarvodaya came together to upgrade and equip early childhood education centres within our dairy communities, and other community infrastructure projects.