History of Anchor

In 1975, Fonterra introduced the Anchor Brand to Sri Lanka

A timeline of how Anchor has evolved in Sri Lanka;


  • Anchor has grown to become a global brand with a wide range of dairy products. Anchor has been in existence for more than 125+ years globally with a presence in more than 70+ countries.
  • Anchor has been providing dairy nutrition to Sri Lankans for over 35 years, and today is the No. 1 choice for mothers looking to provide the best nutrition for their families. Here in Sri Lanka, Anchor began as a milk powder brand, and has evolved in line with the changing needs of local consumers.
  • In 2015, Anchor launched the Anchor Newdale Flavoured Milk in UHT Tetra.
  • The latest addition to the Anchor portfolio is the launch of Anchor liquid milk, which brings consumers the goodness of pure, Sri Lankan milk.
  • Today, Anchor offers Sri Lankan families milk powder, yoghurt, liquid milk, butter and cream, as well as fresh milk catering to a broad spectrum of nutrition needs – from mothers and children, to chefs and restaurants – across the country.

Henry ReynoldsAnchor’s beginning dates back to 1886, when the brand was created by Henry Reynolds, a Cornish farmer in New Zealand with the intention of producing good quality butter. With this humble beginning, today Anchor has become one of the most sought-after global brands with a wide range of dairy products.Anchor Milk Tanker

In 1975, our first consumer branded products were introduced to the Sri Lankan market under the Anchor brand.
We established our first manufacturing site in 1985 in Ratmalana. Our second manufacturing site was built in 1995 to process locally sourced milk into fresh dairy products under our Anchor Newdale range.

In 1997, we established our farmer development programme to help develop farming capabilities by collecting local milk and working alongside the national dairy industry in Sri Lanka.

From 200 Sri Lankan dairy farmers, today our network has expanded to thousands of farmer families.

Hot Beverage Brand of the Year 2015

In 2003, we began providing dairy nutrition to chefs, restaurants and other food-service customers across the island and are now the trusted choice in top quality dairy for Sri Lanka’s culinary industry.

With generations of trust built upon Anchor, today we are a household name with consumers from around the world relying on us to nourish their families with the goodness of Anchor. We have been recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s most well-known and best loved brands. Some of our accolades include Slim Neilson People’s award for Hot Beverage Brand of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2014, SLIM Most Preferred Beverage Brand of the Year 2005 and “Power of People” Award – POP Teen FMCG Brand of the Year in 2006. These awards are our strengths of encouragement from our consumers who have placed their trust upon Anchor for generations.