Anchor Newdale Yoghurt

Anchor Newdale Yoghurt with DR10™ Probiotics

Anchor Newdale Yoghurt

Anchor Newdale Yoghurt helps kids find awesomeness within them helping to unleash their potential.

Anchor Newdale yoghurt is a healthy and nutritious option to help keep them protected from germs and common diseases so that they are able to go out there and explore.

Anchor Newdale, the favourite yoghurt of Sri Lankan children has been in existence for the last 18 years and has helped kids be at their best while taking part in both academics and outdoor activities.

Anchor Newdale yoghurts are produced using locally sourced fresh milk from an extensive network of local farmers. Our Food Safety and Quality practices at our state of the art chilling plants and manufacturing sites ensure the freshness and quality of each cup of yoghurt.

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